IT Services: Advanced Policy Publishing & Management System

Client: Liberty International Underwriters

About Liberty International Underwriters

A division of a global leader in property & casualty insurance, LIU is a global specialty lines business with an emphasis on niche insurance products distributed through an independent broker network.

Business Overview

The process by which customer insurance policies were being created, edited, and managed, was slow and tedious. The Underwriters and their customers were becoming frustrated with the time lag between establishing an agreement with a customer and creating a policy to reflect its terms. As the business grew, new clients and the associated policies were being added daily, and policies were becoming more complex and significantly larger in page count.

ActiveDocs is the product used to create the policies. It is a commercially available product, however, it is typically utilized to create and manage smaller, less complex policy documents. The market for available expertise is small and to date those identified with product experience have not used the product in as large or complex environment thus not providing enough value-add to our client.

Technical Challenge

In order to meet the needs of the business, LIU needed to identify the core skills needed to master ActiveDocs and utilize it effectively in the current, highly complex, client environment. They needed to then put a process in place to build the local expertise such that it would be retainable and would withstand changes in the product, the environment, and the makeup of the group.

Our Solution

Softworld worked with our customer to identify the critical skills needed to be successful with ActiveDocs in LIU’s environment.  While systems analysis skills were important, we focused on a skill set consisting of:

  • Advanced Microsoft Word experience
  • A strong Technical Writing background
  • Demonstrated Systems Analysis expertise

We then delivered a team that learned the product, successfully integrated into the client IT and business community, and more importantly, successfully authored and developed a series of lengthy complex policies in support of client business activities. This team has successfully converted all of the older policies to the new system. They are also actively developing policies to support a new product version.


This recasting of skill sets and deploying consultants with the necessary skills has improved consistency across various products and raised the level of controls on wording modifications while remaining compliant.

Improved efficiency of policy creation and production has eliminated production backlogs and allowed business to be more responsive to clients.

Now, the POLICY PUBlishing system solution allows our client to process new policies quickly and efficiently eliminating the previous frustrations from the underwriters and potential loss of business on the back end as a result of not having an accurate policy vehicle. This is now a cost-efficient long-term part of the strategy to manage all current and future policy activity across the enterprise.